Your events are now
carbon neutral

You are close to achieving neutral emissions at your events.
Great news for your guests and for the planet.

The challenge of sustainable events

Events are incredible moments of celebration, learning and networking. They can also be a great case for positive impact on the environment, if you have the right sustainable solutions.

In general, events have greenhouse gas emissions through energy generators, food preparation processes, waste and the displacement of staff and guests.

Today events of all sizes can deliver carbon neutrality to the public and the planet.

Carbon neutral seal by Planton

Carbon Neutral Seal

With Planton’s solution, all event emissions are offset with carbon credits validated in the international community.

This way, you receive the Carbon Neutral Seal at your event.

This is great news that you can communicate to your guests, sponsors and partners.

How does it work in practice?

See below how the Carbon Neutral event works:

  • Assessing
  • Offset with
    carbon credits
  • Documentation
    carbon neutral and

In three simple steps, you have the event’s emissions evaluated, compensation through carbon credits and all the documentation that proves offset. With this, you can use the Carbon Neutral seal.

Benefits of the Carbon Neutral event:

  • You generate a direct impact on the planet by supporting carbon credit projects.
  • Attracting more sponsors, as well as people and companies aligned with sustainability trends.
  • Guests and related companies have yet another reason to celebrate a sustainable event.
  • Events are essential to our societal dynamics. Combined with this, investing in doing things sustainably increases the positive impact.
  • Stand out from the competition by offering a carbon-neutral event, which can be a deciding factor for attendees.
  • Employee engagement: showing concern for sustainability can increase employee pride and talent retention.
  • Positive legacy: leave a lasting legacy by showing that your event not only celebrates, but also cares about the future of the planet.

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